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FLAG Solutions and the Information Security

In FLAG Solutions we can offer you the following services in relation to Information Security:

    · Security auditing
    · Security consulting
    · Network strengthening
    · Tailor-made backup systems
    · Monitoring of application security
    · Server monitoring
    · Contingency plans

Nowadays companies as well as individuals converted the use of computers and the Internet in something ordinary and indispensible.


Unfortunately the number of growing Internet threats gets more and more sophisticated. The speed of their evolution is so fast that the software development companies and the government can hardly keep up with and act against them.  


The most advanced countries try to educate their citizens and enterprises in the safe use of the Internet so that a general awareness of the dangers of Internet comes into existence. At the same time, the culture of safe application coding starts to get to the software development companies. Currently few companies deal with Information Security trained developers.  


In FLAG Solutions security is not optional. Our developers are trained on this matter so their applications are safe and do not show any known vulnerabilities from the ground up. But security does not only consist in data protection; The security consultants of FLAG Solutions implement ethical hacking techniques to audit and guarantee the integrity, confidentiality and authenticity of their data and communication systems.


Security audits:

We prove the safety of the information systems and the services of your organisation to detect security gaps, issuing later on a report of the status of your infrastructure and services.

We analyse the following aspects:
    · Server characterization.
    · Software vulnerabilities and configurations audit.
    · Workstations and user accounts audit.
    · Applications audit.
    · Communication and infrastructures audit.
    · Review of currently implemented security policies.

We perform our audits in a methodical way, following the OSSTM guidelines.

Our references in the sector of Security Auditing:

· Penetration test for networks and systems at a global level. Penetration test, auditing and consultancy for a multinational company. Security analysis of web-services in 38 countries.
· Penetration test and assurance of private virtual networks. Risk analysis.
· Compromised computer systems audit.
· Development of a system to locate a cyber criminal used by the law enforcements of Salamanca.


Security Consultancy:
Our services of Security Consultancy cover the following aspects:
· Development of a security policy for your network: at the hardware, software and user level, its implementation and periodical review.
· Development of a backup policy and its implementation.
· Securisation of corporate hardware, especially those exposing services.
· Development of comprehensible reports for the technical to learn and fix the detected security problems.